Become new!!!!

The greatest discovery of this generation is that people can change the circumstances of their lives by changing their thoughts.

Other people’s negative opinionS about you does not have to become your reality,you change the circumstances of your life by being in control of your thoughts.People’s decisions may have taken you there,but how you come out is your decision,thats your call.

Though they call you a failure,they prophesy a bleak future,they underrate your achievements,they overlook your contribution,still know that its not what they do that is important but what you do,how you react to what they say.Your confidence is not at their mercy.Should there be that there is no more great things,no more mind boggling inventions and innovations for you,if there were that there are no new standards to be set and no new bars to be raised,you wouldn’t  be alive.Pride yourself in your living knowing that its a confirmation of the great things you are to be,and achieve.

Tell yourself over and over again;words create,that I am powerful and innovative,handsome,beautiful and gifted,that I can do all if only I believe it in my heart and conceive it in my mind.Tell yourself that I am going to conquer.There’s nothing as powerful as the indomitable power of the will,If you can dream it,you can be it.Your thoughts about yourself determine what you bring out.Concepts create realms.If you have messed up thoughts,you live a messed up life.If you have thoughts of helplessness,you breed hopelessness and bitterness,if you have thoughts that you are a victim of circumstances,you will live a defeated life,you will be miserable and frustrated and think that there is nothing you can do.

Do not limit your dreams,do not limit your imagination,do not limit your faith and belief in yourself and all that you  can be.Move out knowing that the world is waiting for you to believe and act.

Move out of your pain,out of your hurt,out of the negativity that everyone has fed you,you can,you should,you must………BECOME NEW!!!!



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