Become what you believe!!!!

Faith is a fundamental law of reality.A determinant of the impossible or possible.On this one subject volumes of works have been written.Faith is the substance of the things hoped for.Calling what would be as if it is.It is believing in your hopes.Faith is absolute trust in the purpose and the vision.It is faith that heals,that  renews,that allows you to smile though you are hurting.It is faith that lets you trust in your tears,in your striving;knowing that that God lets us shed tears to wash our eyes so that we may see more clearly.Faith makes the endurance, the patience worthwhile.Doubt is a form of arrogance to the power in you.Doubt is faith in the ability of the negative to hurt you,to crush you,to defeat you.Jesus Christ,more than anything made faith the substance of His ministry.It is what gives Him the justification to act in you,for you.

Faith tells you to act,rather than suffer analysis paralysis.Faith enables you to seek understanding that leads to innovation,to insight.Faith breeds persistence;the ability to maintain action inspite of your feelings.

Faith tells  you that its in hard times that  better times ahead are dreamt and built.The size of our faith doesn’t matter,its the substance of our faith.Faith as small as the size of a mustard seed can move mountains,it was declared.It brings dreams into reality.It helps you to keep calm and peace in the middle of uncertainties.

Faith is not just a feeling,its a commitment,a dedication;you decide upon it.Faith doesn’t offer alternatives.It is either you make it or make it.When our faith is unwavering,heaven’s commitment is guaranteed.Faith kills fear.What you fear is what you create.Faith builds courage,one of the key components of power.

Faith speaks out loud;it understands that to sin by silence when men should protest evils or shortcomings makes cowards of men.To see it is the opportunity of faith,to say it is the word of faith.Someone describing faith said that its something like watching a high wire artist cross with a wheelbarrow on a cable stretched over Niagara falls.You may accept the fact that the performer can maintain balance and push the wheelbarrow safely over the cataract at a dizzying height.Faith is accepting his challenge to get into the wheelbarrow.

The purpose moved by faith is given to pilgrims without prominence,purpose moved by faith gives plans without possibilities,Purpose moved by faith gives promises without proofs.Faith is marching out without proofs and precedents to lean on.Purposes moved by faith sometimes require perseverance without pay-off,faith entails patient trust and service.Faith knows and understands that action is imperative.It knows that sin is more than being neutral and indifferent.


2 thoughts on “Become what you believe!!!!

  1. This article just renews the FAITH within… i am a renewed person, thanks to this magnificent piece of work. God bless the one behind the scenes

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