5ways to spend your lull time,being effective!!!


Business owners are logged with email.Having a system for triaging messages and following up is critical to manage the deluge of communication.The relative importance of each message ranges from urgent to junk,to something for follow up later,so categorize them as such when the message arrives.When free moments arise,its a good time to catch up with the emails that didn’t require immediate response but deserve one.


Networking is at the heart of building a business.Great strategic contacts and customers come from everywhere,from charity dinners to seminars and conferences.The business cards from such events will eventually pile up.use your free time to schedule coffee or lunches with a new or even existing contact.


Over the course of new operations,new ideas and issues come up.Capture all pieces of scattered information and new ideas.Organize them then into something actionable.Quiet or relative quiet time is also a grant time to create an action plan from the ideas that have been collected from the normal bustle.


day-to-day operations can make it easy to lose sight of a long term vision.when your head is down and focused on the task at hand,its hard to see the target.Use leisure to re-focus on whats important in the coming weeks,months or year.More importantly ensure that the targets are still realistic and achievable.Re-focusing should be part of any regular routine.


If the business offers you the ability to take a break and re-energise,do it while it still fits the natural course of the business.As a business owner those opportunities to take a break are few and far between.A fully energised and committed entrepreneur is far more effective and valuable than an exhausted and downtrodden one.

This article originally appeared on http://www.inc.com



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