7 Principles of the Eagle

The eagle is a bird of its kind,a leader in its pack.All men who seek extraordinary achievements liken themselves to the eagle.He is swift,with an acute sense of focus that most of us lack.Learn from the eagle,know his ways,let Him teach you to fly the heights of the heavens.


Eagles are lonely birds,they do not fly in flocks.When you decide to leave the ranks  of the pigeons,when you decide to pursue a life of greatness,you must  understand that its going to be lonely up there.When you choose to fly in the altitude of the eagle,the birds that you meet will also be eagles.Like begets like.These eagles will inspire your spirit of progress  and vision.


No animal in the entire animal kingdom has the vision of an eagle.It has double sight but one vision.Eagles can see five miles away in details.It is aware of everything but focused on only one thing.Greatness demands a sharp vision that is focused and aware of itself and its impact.


Eagles eat only live food for their metabolism.If you are going to fly the height of the eagles you must feed yourself new,exciting,refreshing,insightful information.Motivation and knowledge must encompass your meals.


Before eagles mate,the female eagle flies down to the ground and picks a twig with its beak.It then flies about 3miles up while the male follows.It then releases the twig,the male chases after the twig.the faster it falls the it flies.If it catches the twig,it  flies up and throws it up to the she-eagle.This is done three times.Do not commit yourself to people you have not tested.If you must be successful,don’t waste time on people who have an interest but no commitment to your business.If you must be a leader,you must be tester.Give people assignments to check their level of commitment.your energy is too important to be wasted on people without a vision.Remember you  cannot give people a vision,you can only nurture that which they already possess.Trust is a product of time and tests.


Eagles are the only birds and animals that whenever a storm is on the horizon,it flies towards the storm.All the animals an d birds when they see a storm coming the run to take cover,Eagles fly towards the challenges and not away from  them.Challenges are good for a leader.challenges are good for a dreamer.Eagles consider a storm an opportunity to relax.they use the storms fury to set their wings ,they are the pushed up by the storm and are able to glide on the wings of the the storm,without having to work their wings and are thus able to relax on what others are running away from.No matter what you going through,no matter how difficult things may seem,the storm has come to make you stronger and better.You can use it for altitude,to fly to  altitude you have never flew or for discouragement.Challenges test your resolve,they test your ability to develop those characters that make you a leader.You can never be significant and successful without challenges.


Eagles invest time in the development of others.They make their nests on high cold cleft rocks.If you must be successful you must invest time in the development of others.Corporations are built on trust,relationships and people.Though eagles are born to fly,they are afraid of flight.the eagles nest is made up of straws,feather,cotton,grass and thorns.To encourage the eaglets to fly out of the nest,mother eagle rips off the nest until she reaches the thorns. the thorns then prick the eaglets which then jump on to the mother’s wings.With this flying sessions begin for the eaglets,first by moving fear of flight out of them.


When eagles grow old,when they grow weary,the eagle alone flies to the topmost cleft of the mountain,where it is cold,silent,peaceful.It then lays down and starts to yank feathers from its wings,breasts,back,every part of its body which it can.It then stays their bare and bloody.it stays and awaits new feathers to emerge.When this happens the eagle becomes more powerful than it was.

When you grow old and weary,when ideas became worn out and hope becomes forlorn,when life seems to lose its excitement.When frustrations,disappointments grip you,fly to the topmost part of the mountain,to the silent,peaceful cleft…fly to your God.To Him who is the source of your dreams,to Him who is your hope.Yank out your old feathers of frustrations,disappointments,dying dreams and lost passion.Spend time by Him.Find strength in Him,find peace and new vigour,find encouragement and a new vision.Let Him renew your dreams.From Him you become much stronger than before.


4 thoughts on “7 Principles of the Eagle

  1. This is a very encouraging bird that one need to read about
    again one need to imitate it, and is the only bird that God matches himself with, amazing bird
    i just completed 60yrs on december 28 2013,
    i feel to renew myself again going to school and learn to know God the other way round

    south africa

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