Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions.Small people always do that,but the really great make you feel that you too can become great.Small minds are always scared minds.

Great spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds.Great spirits are unbound,undefined,unlimited.Their mission is that which they give to themselves;their victory that which they proclaim.Do not be contented neither be satisfied.You are the best the world has,think of yourself as such.

Do not be held by your loses.We all make mistakes,have struggles and even regret things  in our past.But you are not your mistakes,you are not your struggles.More importantly,do not be held captive by your past victories.Because you failed in the past or succeeded doesn’t mean that you will or will not fail or  succeed.

Move out,not in search of brilliance or intelligence,not in such of greatness.These lie within you.All the brilliance,talent,success and greatness you see in others,also does much more abound in you.Move out in search of opportunities to show case your brilliance,to let the world marvel at your intelligence and that power of your imagination.Move out looking for opportunities to bring out the best in others by your greatness.When you let you light shine,you give others the permission to also let their light shine.Greatness awaits!!!

Despise the joy of being average,reward not average,be not average!!Is it good enough to be good when you can be better?Is it good enough to be better when you can be best?Set the highest limits for yourself and exceed them.You are not limited!!!You are not limited by ability but by imagination.Whatever you imagine is real;imagination rules the world.Perceptions do not create reality,reality creates perceptions.Let the reality of the mind be higher than the reality on that ground.

What is the price to get you out of your cocoon?Why believe that your cocoon is your palace?Do not fight for your right to live habitually in mediocrity,Greatness is your measure.Live it by utilizing and focusing your talents,gifts and purpose.

The purpose of our life is to give birth to the best.Exploit your greatness.BE all!!!


One thought on “SCARED MIND?…

  1. This veryvery true.. it’s always been a challenge when one adopts the Act of Great thinking.. am inspired

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