inspire destiny…!!!

each one of us can inspire change and transformation in the world!!!

Dreams,ideas and ambitions have been placed within each one of us to inspire and transform the world.Our world is our sphere of contact;where our influence lies.In our stillness we are bodies of eternal possibilities,in our movement we are a cosmos.A force,an arsenal and weapons of massive transformation.Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate.Our greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.It is our light and not our darkness that frightens us.

Everyday in the papers and television,in this country,in this continent and in this world,I come across stories of young men and women and the young at heart who have braved the odds to make something meaningful of their lives,who responded to the universal call of greatness.Among these stories is the story of Leymah Agbowee,a Liberian woman who received the Nobel Prize at 39 years of age.A former refugee who sold doughnuts for survival.She now leads several organizations in Africa that seek to create a positive difference and to give a new lease of life and an opportunity for hope to live.I believe in her,she has so much to accomplish an bring to life.

There are stories of hope and achievements around us,the stories of those afflicted yet moved to use these afflictions to create awareness and help others.Kenyans4Kenya,Bringzackhome,and your own local charities.These are ideas of men and women who believe in their power to create a positive difference.Each person who gave ,whatever little they gave,became a champion of hope.

This small gestures showed that people are always willing to make a positive difference,to live a life of significance that impacts others.Opportunities to make a difference and lead a life of fulfillment abound in us.The only way to happiness is to be of use in this world.Courage to exploit this opportunities ,courage to live our greatest self are lacking.

I do not understand the meaning of disability.One of the greatest composers of all times was deaf,the greatest painter of all generations was blind.What is your excuse??Anne Frank wrote her first book at the age of 12.Winston Churchill became prime minister at 62.Obama became president at 47.Olympics records are broken by both the young and the old.I simply ask,what is your excuse???

Are  you not tired of living below the potential of your destiny?Are you not tired of being average,your presence not making a difference??Why do you create difficulties by your imagination,why do you kill your potential by fear,why do you dream and not believe???

You are a person of destiny;called to change lives,inspire futures and write history.Live your destiny and do it fearlessly!!!!


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