Share the hope..!!!

hope is precious.our dreams have to be bigger,our ambitions higher,our commitments deeper and our efforts much greater -Daniel Oliech

Last post we were sharing our perspectives on what counts in leadership.This prompted me to bridge this as a topic while speaking to a group of high school students.They expressed cynicism in what ‘leaders’ think counts and how they count what counts.

The stories of Africa are of horror and fear:floods and famine,corruption,scandals,abuse of office,rape and gender inequality,ethnic cleansing and endemic poverty and resource scarcity.These dim realities have for long been the strict guidelines  by which we engage in petty politics and a leadership that lacks purpose.A baby who is killed in the course of war does not need to have a specific identity;it is a cry for life towards humanity.They have earned us the title of the dark continent.

Time has come for the people of Africa to define what must count,to define how they must be defined.They must decide,and failure to decide in itself is a decision that its consequences they must brace themselves for.It is time for the individuals to build a tapestry that knits them together.It is time from the richness of our hearts and from the greatness of our imaginations that we influence change and transformation in the world.We must seek to see that the hopes of a generation hoped in difficulty and the dreams of a generation dreamt in darkness are lived.

Simple things become difficult when we hold on to the strings of the past.The past can only makes us wiser or destroy us.The past breeds cynicism in people.Time has come for men of destiny to take charge.TIME is nigh for dreams to assume the stage,for hopes and love to lead the way.We are  a  force so persuasive and confident that it appalls the world


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