Create reality..!!!

The best way to predict your future is to create it.

I don’t know what bounds you,I just know that you are bound.I don’t know what has hurt you,I know you are hurt.I don’t know which wounds you are nursing,but I know you wounded in your heart.I ask you not to pay heed to the provocative shouting of the devil on Friday.

The universe is waiting for your affirmation,for your openness,for you to give yourself the permission to feel the warmth and brightness that there is.

SAY YES…and dream dreams of color that shall bring confidence and the dreams of your childhood and the fantasies of your infancy.YES to the opportunities for growth and maturity,to the experiences of love awaiting you.

SAY YES…it is time to see the best that there is ,and that there can be in every situations and encounters,give the best that there is in you to others regardless of the rewards,remember you are the award.

Move out of your way to be nice and kind to others,move out of your routine to learn new things and acquire new skills that will add  value to you.VALUE;the number of problems that you can solve.

SAY YES….it shows gratitude,it shows meekness,it shows willingness……There is a sparkle about you,I can see the wick of life in your eyes.


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