gret     Have you felt that others are not worth sacrificing for,and life is senseless and there’s little point for your trying to go on?Is despair your private demon? In the spring young trees pop from the ground.All summer they grow and in winter they must stand the hard winds,snow,sleet,hail and downpour, just as the mighty tree that stands besides it.We don’ grow strong until we can stand straight through the storms of life. We might bend and sway,but as long as we keep looking upwards we grow.

A silent instrument no matter how well made does not fulfill its maker’s intention,stated the great violinist Paganini,the patron who brought the four stradviarius violin.Everyone of us by the simple expedient of being born has ensured that certain things will happening the world  that would otherwise not have occurred at all. Not many however have by their brief passage through this world affected the lives of millions and changed the course of history.

Life demands choices.We may drift for a time but ultimately,even our choice not to choose brings effects that calls for decisions.We discover that the ultimate way is not to  have a symbol of greatness but to be the symbol of greatness.

It is up to you to illumine the earth.You do not have to groan over everything the world lacks; you are here to bring it what it needs…..there where reign hatred,malice,and discord you will put love,pardon and peace.For lying you will bring truth;for despair, hope; for doubt, faith; there where is sadness you will give joy,if you are in the smallest degree the servant of God,all these virtues of light you must carry with you.

We must make the world a little bit more beautiful and better because you have lived in it.


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