The Distict Vision-qualities


This new year I feel that the -a quote is worth more than a thousand words-to be more appropriate.Ponder deeply over these quotes,seek to understand them and if you have to be different,you gotta try them out.

trans     Three things are essential for the salvation of man;to know that he must believe.To know that he must desire.To know that he must will to do.

When you feel small and weak,remind yourself that you are a child of God with infinite potential.In your willingness to step out into the unknown,the field of all possibilities,we surrender ourselves to the creative mind of the creator.

Change begins with an idea,a hope,a dream,an individual,it can begin with you.

We can affect change everyday through our thoughts,our words and our actions.

When we are in touch with our own self,we become authors of our own story.

When you recognize and acknowledge your personal power,you no…

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