Scale your confidence.

confide                         Confidence is one of those virtues that all in pursuit of success and significance ought to court.Unfortunately, not so many of us are confident enough.It determines the effectiveness of communication,networking and pursuit of visions.The power of confidence could be summed by the quote, ‘all a man needs to be successful is confidence and ignorance.


True confidence is as a result of self-knowledge,self-acceptance and self-love.It comes out of knowing the power that is within you,it is the intrinsic knowledge of your purpose,knowing your abilities and weaknesses.More importantly it comes out of responding to the love of God.


Invest in knowledge,place a high premium on your mind.It determines the value you receive from it.Seek to grow your understanding of issues,develop your emotional intelligence.Knowing that you are aware of that which matters and that which matters least, boost your presentation to your self and others.


Clean is relative, depends who you talking it with.Get done and done with your mess,clean your dignity,let go of insecurities and fears, move from the confines of bitterness.Articulate yourself,polish your mannerism and dress to kill.


Put out your ideas for humiliation and criticism.Your success in life depends on your ability to embarrass yourself.Let others into what it is you are and do.This puts you on your path of dream actualization.


List your visions and list your achievements,no matter how small.What you do may be insignificant but it is important that you do it.


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