Ben Carson’s Seven rules to live by.

imagesI grew up receiving confidence boosters from Ben Carson’s various books, Gifted Hands, The Big Picture, Thing Big. In these ways he was one of my earliest mentors. The following is a piece that have always treasured.

1.know who is responsible

“I am responsible.”. when you begin with thees three words,you can build a new life, even a new world.

2.believe in something big

when you commit to high ideals, we succeed before the outcome is known.your life becomes  big and relevant.

3.practice tolerance

you will like yourself a lot more and so will others. brave

remember, courage is acting with fear, not without it. If the challenge is important to you,  you are suppose to be nervous;  we only worry about the things that we care about. someone

because you should know joy. ambitious

no single effort will solve all your problems, achieve all your dreams, or even be enough- and that is okay.To want to be more is the starting point of all achievement. It is normal, real and healthy.

because no one can do his for you.


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