your green dream job

imagesWhat is the use of a house if you don’t have a decent planet to put it on? – Henry David Thoreau

The green economy is the now big thing, most of the job growth occurs  in the renewable energy sector.Ideas that are meant to utilize resources to make the world cleaner and healthier get funded without second thoughts. Everyone, even  the hypocrites are getting genuinely concerned about mother earth. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

  • Assess your skills. What are you good at? What do you have training in? Sustainability is beginning to permeate every industry, meaning that you might not have to shift gears so drastically to get the job you want. If you work in fundraising, perhaps you can apply your expertise to an environmental organization, for example. Working in the building trades? Get  trained to install solar panels or conduct energy retrofits.
  • Go social. Social media can be a great way to follow news about the green economy and find job opportunities. If you’re on Twitter, follow @GristJobs, @EnvironmentJob_,  for job alerts and @EDFbiz, @GreenBiz and  for information on the green economy. And find  news and infographics about sustainability in the office.
  • Network. Face-to-face connections are usually much more effective than electronic communication. Set up informational interviews with people in the field you’d like to work in and get a sense of the job market and skills required. Visit conferences that draw together professionals in your industry and start schmoozing!Get involved in some relevant annual conferences that sustainability focused.
  • Do a green retrofit on your existing job. Don’t find it feasible to jump ship in a tough economy? Virtually any employee can push for sustainable changes in their existing organizations. Try joining or starting a green team to share ideas with colleagues and build will for solutions at your company.

You could get organized and start on any of the following fields that has sustainability as a focus.Just to mention a few:

  • solar professionals
  • Green builders
  • sustainable farming

Sustainability professionals- helping others businesses and organizations from across the economic spectrum to operate as responsibly and sustainably as possible.


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