22 LEADERSHIP TIPS to trust.

imagesThis series of posts will seek to help you get the elegant simplicity of leadership  and leadership-approaches to help achieve superior personal and business value.It shall impart on you knowledge, skills, and methodologies for continuous  growth and improvement.

Tip #1.  Leadership is one of the highest forms of service. It is best exercised when it freely motivates others to a decision that is really theirs.

leadership is at all  levels ;

SO, LEADERSHIP IS FOR EVERYONE. it is based on commitment to yourself and others


Leader- Follower- Commitment

Manager- Subordinate- Compliance

Tip #2. What leaders do.

You’ve heard it more than a thousand times and a thousand times again. leaders do the right; managers do things right. Leaders make  things happen. They make decisions, solve problems and show excellence as part of people’s culture. They get ordinary people to do extraordinary stuff.

TIP #3. How to become a leader

Know yourself. know your people. know your job.

Goal #1: Develop an in- depth understanding of, and immersion, in leadership

The truth is we are all leaders, just  as we are all followers.There is a continual interaction in human activity that causes us to assume one role first, then the other. Being a good follower contribute to the learnings of a good leader.One cannot lead who does not first know how to follow.

Goal #2: Apply that understanding to life long learning and specific leadership skill develpoment

Leadership is a life- long art requiring you to immerse in it. Experience really is the best teacher.

TIP #4: Strategic thinking is the difference.

BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND.- 7 habits of Highly Effective People.

Strategic thinking is about having broader and more innovative ways on a daily basis about the goals of your job, team and organization. It is disciplined thinking with a focus first  on the desired outcomes and then on the relationship between the components along with constant feed back about results  to find the leverage points that best achieves your desired outcome.

TIP #5: Define your harbor

If you do not know where you are going, no path is the right one. You must first know what it is you want, then share this with everyone involved. People need to understand where they are headed. It is then that together they harness the right winds to sail towards the right harbor

TIP #6: Relationships matter most

People support what they help create- this is a basic truism in today’s world. Not everything that can be counted counts. But everything that counts, must be counted. People are all you have got as a leader- it is what determines your impact because determines your influence. Care about others and what they care about.

TIP #7: Just do it.

Get started. The best time to plant a tree was thirty years ago. The second best time to plant a tree is now. You must do enough planning to ensure that you do the right thing- don’t over-analyze. Taking the step means being courageous enough to start closing the gap where you are and where you should be.

TIP #8: Build trust.

Trust isn’t the main thing, it is the only thing.  It is the one thing that changes everything.Inspire this trust. it is a combination of competence and character. Listen to people,engage them and let them understand that their best is your commitment. Build everyone, tear none down.

TIP #9: Extend your reach

Understand the essence of imagination. People buy into intangible beliefs, hopes and faith, invest in he mastery of this. A leader sees with the people, and also sees farther than the people. The people need to understand that some lands flow with milk and honey.

TIP #10: Seek a simpler way.

Make it your goal to simplify, simplify and simplify. Flexibility, looseness and adaptiveness, speed and simplicity are more important today than the rigid plans, tight  controls and one-size-fits-all consistency and economies of scale. controls. Simplify by including the complications.Resist the temptation to of layers of complexities.

TIP #11: Look in the mirror

To be the best you must be totally honest with your self..and others. Look to the problem, forget the blame.Do not defend your opinions when you are wrong or in doubt. Being open allows you to learn and grow.

TIP #12:  Communicate and commune.

Leadership is build on communication.Understand your intent and be clear on your content. Communicate worth and potential. listen, genuinely actively  listen.First tell them what you were  going to tell them. Then tell them. Then tell them what you have just told them. Follow up with actions that support your words.

TIP #13: Eye ball to eyeball.

Pass the experience, the skills, the zeal, the vision and ghusto that characterizes your movement. This is mentor-ship. Help others overcome shortcomings, show them what counts. Leaders make more leaders. You wouldn’t be here without support of your past coaches.

TIP #15: Support innovation and creativity

Ask what others need to change and what they need to begin.

TIP #16:  Live team work.

Develop team skills, encourage others to  commit and become effective in teams. Respect, appreciate  and value the teams that you work with.The best comes from such.

TIP #17: Be humble

This makes leaders leaders. To whom God wants to destroy, he gives first 20 years of success. Be kind and positive. Be accessible.

TIP #18: Act with conscious intent

Don’t make assumptions, ask the tough questions, speak the unspoken. Be purposeful in all that you do. Be radical but not ruthless.

TIP #19: Embrace challenges and differences

Dedicate your self to value and service. See differences as opportunities to be better, opportunities for growth and learning. What you resist, persists. Be open to change.

TIP #20: Constantly reinvent and rejuvenate yourself.

Create your victories everyday and with each passing moment create an impact. Plan to be in it for the long- haul.

TIP #21: Network and manage alliances

These serve as a resource to help develop your competency and stay on top of developments. Cultivate a wide network right within your organization to widen your sources of information. Have an increased awareness of our interrelatedness.

TIP #22: Harness emotions

Emotional intelligence is about using the power of emotion as a source of information, motivation and connection.


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