High Performing Organizations score everytime.

high_performanceHigh performing organizations are enterprises that over time continue to produce outstanding results with the highest level of human satisfaction and commitment to success.

This is their score.

S= Shared Information and Open Communication.

In HPO, information needed to make informed decisions is readily available to people and is openly communicated. Sharing information and facilitating open communication facilitates trust and encourages people  to  own the organization. The more readily the information is, the more empowered and able are people to make solid decisions that align with the organization’s values and goals.Open communication is the life blood of the organization.

C= Compelling Vision

A compelling vision is the hallmark of HPO. When everyone supports such an organization vision- it creates a deliberate, highly focused culture that drives the desired business results towards a service to humanity. In such organizations, people are energized by, excited about, and dedicated to such a vision. They can describe the vision, are deeply committed to it, and clearly see their role in supporting it. This creates and focuses energy for achievement and excellence.

O= Ongoing learning

HPOs constantly focus on improving their capabilities through learning systems, building knowledge as part of capital, and transferring learning through out the organization. They engage on both individual and organizational learning.

R= Relentless focus on customer results

These organizations understand their customers and measure their results accordingly. They produce outstanding results because of an almost obsessive focus on results from the view point of the customer.

E= Energizing systems and structures

The systems, structures, processes and practices are aligned to support the organization’s vision, strategic direction, and goals. This makes it easier for people to get their jobs done. Energizing systems and structures provide the platform for rapid response to obstacles and opportunities. The bottom- line test is to see whether the systems do help people accomplish their tasks and duties more easily.

S= Shared power and high involvement

Power and decisions are shared and distributed through out the organization, not guarded at the top. Participation, collaboration, and teamwork are away of life. When people feel respected and valued for their contribution, are allowed to make decisions that impact their lives, and have access to good information to make good decisions, they can and will function as valuable contributors to the purpose and vision of the organization. In HPOs, individual and collective power exists. Centralized power and authority are balanced with participation and do not become obstacles to agility and responsiveness. When people have clear goals and standards, with clear boundaries of autonomy, they act with commitment towards accomplishing results.



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