precious insights on leadership

imagesDuring the past week I was at a leadership forum, and several speeches struck me as being distinct in such a way that the voice of leadership has made clear.The speeches were brilliant and arousing. But it is the themes and ideas behind each of these speeches that was an eye opener.

Leadership must solve the emergent issues of the people , it must seek to build their lives, to be a source of inspiration and hope. It should do what the people cannot do for themselves. Leadership seeks to work on inclusion and partnership as means of achieving sustainable development. If you must go far, you must go with others.

Leadership brings to the table the talks that bring peace, the integrity and honesty that brings justice and the openness that leads to forgiveness and reconciliation. People ought to understand one another and cultivate a diversity of ideas that renews and innovates.

Leadership reinforces the mantra of shared responsibilities, shared opportunities and shred sense of community. You are your brother’s keeper, you are your sisters’ keeper. The responsibility towards one another must be undertaken with the understanding that in helping one become, you much more become. That giving and sacrificing for others does not reduce but rather it increases. Your destiny is inextricably connected to the destinies of so many others. Your success inspires, motivates and challenges so many. You are a solution to the problems of a generation.

Leadership must challenge you to broaden your vision of the future, to furnace the burning compulsion of your purpose, to let your life be the greatest service you ever give, and the true depiction of your faith and hope, your commitment to the belief in humanity.

Leadership must reinforce people’s belief in themselves and communicate and connect to each the awareness of their existence. It should help people develop pride in who they are and what they do and can do.


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