The princess and the frog; the ideal lessons of life.

images1    My nephews kidnapped me sometime this weekend on issues of unfulfilled promises. That is a total fabrication I dare say. To be absolved, I had to watch five animations. The Princess and the frog started it. Got to admit that it is a great animation, I loved the characters and the music: going to the bayou..,going to the bayou.., and the sweet evangeline . other than that there are genuine lessons on life from that pick; dreams, persistence and sacrifice.

1. the evening star is shining bright, so hold on tight and make a wish.

All achievement starts from a desire, a wish, a dream. cultivate your..time is always right.

2.When you have a gift, you have to share it.This is your calling becoming to action. Sharing your gift brings folks together from all walks of life and puts a smile on their faces.

3.A little hardwork is needed. Wish on the evening star with all your heart, but remember the star can only take you half the way, you gotta help it through the other half by some little hard-work of your own. Goodies not only come from hopes and dreams but also from blood and sweat.

4.Define the possibilities

You got to believe in dreams and that they can come true for you. Dreams do come true in New Orleans; is the catch phrase. Do some living before you die. Your imaginations create your miracles.

5.Listen to the expert negative thinkers and pessimists and move on.

They will all tell you how much it is a big shot from what folks like you can do and achieve. But do it anyway.

6.Dreams are detailed, wishes are general.

Dreams are specific. See yourself in your greatness. Understand how exactly you want everything to be. The difference that you must create, the service that you must give, the product you must sell,the family you must raise. Details are the secret of dreamers.

7.Put first things first.

You will be forced to make sacrifices. To fore-go the pleasures that be, to strive for that higher goal. Tiana could not attend  dances to work and save for her restaurant.

8. Dreams come true.

After the struggle, the striving, the hopeless nights and the weary days, you will see the fruition of your dreams, your hopes will be realized, you will live the life you have imagined.








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