the people shall live.

imagesThis article is about the groans,pains, disgust, and absurdity that there is. I got reminded before posting that though a few grains of humanity may be spoilt, it does not make the whole humanity inhumane.It is my resolve to fight violence of poverty, discrimination and indifference.

Why does striving for justice threaten your sense of justice, why does your justice see no injustice. What makes you so insecure about my striving for my security, what threatens your prosperity when I voice out my concern that there ought to be a fair playing field for the contest of success?What is it about my protests in the streets that convinces that I am a wanton destroyer of property and lives, a trigger- happy killer of dreams and hardwork?Why does religion show no conscious, why does our morality ooze so much of immorality, why does your songs of praise curse and fuss so much?

Why does poverty give you so much comfort, and why does hopelessness give so much hope.? Why this absurdity of faith, why this absurdity of love and relationships, why the absurdity of democracy and governance?
Why does this politics shed so much blood,why does it arouse such horrible demons? Why does it hurt so bad, why does it so much divorce itself from harmony of creation.

This earth bears when there is bloodshed on the earth, the rivers flow on the back,so many stars fall on the ground and so many people lose their sons.
Somebody wash the stains on this earth, let the gardens of the earth bloom again.


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