CAUTION!! Past is passed.

So Past and Future - Two-Way Street Signmany of us are dreary of the past, we have moved ahead a great deal just to forget the pain, embarrassment, hurts, and defeats that we suffered in its bosom. Yet again, so many of us do not wish to let go of the past because of the greatness, confidence,and victory it handed us. This is a clarion call, by all means move ahead, the past is passed. Life is lived in the present.

The past though hurting as it may have been, though humiliating and humbling, is one of our greatest assets. Your past is your secret, your secret is your story, your story; drear friends, is your competitive advantage. Your past is your distinctive vantage point.

What you choose to remember as a person defines who you are. Tell me what you remember about you most, and I’ll tell you who you are. Memory revives faith, it shows identity.

All you’ ve ever needed to succeed is all around you. You just ought to systemize your thinking and organize your work. The farther the backward you look, the farther the forward you can see. It is not about the heights that you have climbed, but the depths which you have come from. It is not that you fell over and over again, it is that you rose up again and again. Your past is simply that, your past. Do not allow it to condemn you, to torment you, to be your shame.

Your past is your glory. It shows strength, resilience, perseverance, hardwork, optimism, and God’s promise for your future. If he had no more business with you, you wouldn’t be reading this. Your past shows potential, worth and preciousness. Your past may have been damned, jerked, but it is what you have within you that is of the greatest concern. You have love, faith, hope, optimism, goodness, greatness, potential, strength and great power within you.You can become all you possibly can dream of, if only you allow yourself to let go and seize the greatness within you.

Remember, the past is passed. Move ahead and seize the future.


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