The tyrant is conscience

greatmotivationalquotesThe only tyrant I am going to listen to is my conscienceMahatma Gandhi.

There comes a time when a man has to make a decision that is neither popular nor famous because conscience tells him that it is rightMartin Luther King

Most of us when we have decided and are compelled to share our resolutions and plans of ventures are met always with big NOs, you can’t,  you are better on the lower positions of service or with that other product.

It leaves me wondering who do you listen to, whose decision do you trust, whose opinion do you take as being conclusive.? I tell you, only conscience should direct to you your course of action, only conscience should dictate your relationships and partnerships, only conscience should propel or deter you from what you envision.

Only you understand the better world that would become from the realization of your dreams, only you understand the revolution that comes from your innovation, only you can imagine how your decisions can improve relations and strengthen bonds of love.

You can only anticipate the strength, the the greatness of faith and hope, the increase in will and soul power, the refining of  talents and abilities  that arises out of your sacrifices.

Michelle Obama once said that ; in the middle of the many voices that surround us, in the midst of the negative echoes within us, you can only listen to the voice within, no matter how weak it speaks. Let the voice witin be the leader of your destiny.

Learn to give yourself permission to dance to a different tune of the drum beat, to walk the path never explored, to see opportunities and possibilities in all that has been said and done to be impossible. We must believe in our insights to introduce the new and different and to create the big and better.

Trust in conscience to lead you on the path of truth, to bring to your awareness justice and freedom, to show you true love and the happily ever after.

The world is looking for a people awakened. Nothing is as powerful as an awakened soul. Blessed are the inspired for they shall awaken the world. Rise up and live the awakening of your truth, show the radiance of your beauty, dedicate  and sacrifice to the purpose. Command what is right- this is your calling.


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