become a living example.

my life is my messageMahatma Gandhi

walkThere is no easy way to walk the talk. It requires a strong set of personal convictions, regular and open communication with others, and a continual awareness of how your actions are perceived.Find below some general guidelines that are key to remember.

1. Be clear about what you stand for

It is very important that you be very clear about what high performance means to you and what you see as its implication- this will help align the expectations people have of your role in the change effort.

It is key that you are frank  with your fears and apprehensions about the change. When you are open and direct with your concerns, it makes others in he organization to share their feelings and reservations with you.

2. Understand how others perceive your actions.

Truth lies in the eyes of the beholder. The fact is that how others perceive your actions determine  to a large extent, how willing they will be to support the change you advocate. Regularly solicit feedback from group members to develop an understanding of how you are being perceived.

3. Always look for ways to demonstrate your convictions.

During the course of any given day there are numerous opportunities to demonstrate your conviction towards the values that you hold dear and the principles that guide your life.


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