Be it; do it.

If you ain’t doing it, you ain’t it.- steve harvey

This is the principle of champions, they are always doing what they ought to be doing, what they want to be doing. They know that one does not achieve a dream by merely being interested, you must be committed. They are consumed by their dreams, it haunts them to always move out and bring it into physical reality.
They attempt to define themselves on the following levels.

1. Name it.
this is probably the minor most essential parts of any vision. you name from your dreams of glory, from the reality that you seek.  Naming it gives you credibility. It inspires participation and admiration, it dictates standards and gives people an  idea of how they ought to address you.

2. practise it.
they undertake a different kind of practice.  pressing where it hurts, they understand that pain is weakness leaving the body.  They undertake deliberate actions to improve on their areas of weakness, fighting to be flawless in their mastery of skills.
they would rather bleed more in practice and sweat less in battle. they know that perfect rehearsals lead to perfect recitals. it.
look for opportunities to showcase your brillianc4e. Ask for events, opportunities,  liase with connection, get into a competition,  write a blog,  speak to whoever is willing to listen. constancy to purpose is the key to success.


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