people wish you best..,get over yourself.

comfort zone 1  So many of us miss the many signs of support and appreciation that come our way. we tend to focus on the negative and tune out the positive. We have trained ourselves to believe that people are always of ill motive, working  to suppress our greatness, and deny us of opportunities.
The truth is that people are regularly and in many ways expressing to us their affirmation, care and admiration. I want you to always remember:
people love and support you,
people care,
people are different,
people are interdependent,
people have dreams and expectations,
people are always aching you out,
people think you are pretty awesome and beautiful,
people admire your intelligence and your talents,
people think your company is entertaining.

The point is that people wish you well, they want you to move far and ahead, they are willing to support you achieve the desires of your heart; tune out the negative and heed the positive you will be surprised how sweet life will be.



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