purpose design;what on earth am I here for.?

What-is-the-purpose-of-my-life  The world has been consistently shifting, searching, looking for a reason to live, finding ways to make their existence much deeper, enriching, fulfilling, impacting and of significance. Books, movies, magazines, churches that have the message of purpose as an underlying theme to what they do are always leaders and command the greatest attention.

In understanding purpose we make known the three facets that compose the purpose design.  The Divine Design, the Divine Relationships and the Divine set-up.

  1. The Divine Design.

Everything ever made was first formed of concept. For each majestic or not so majestic buildings, for the great design decor, all of these were first made by design. In the same way each one of us was made by design because of the purpose that God had in mind. He understood a pressing need, then made you to solve that need. And it is only by connecting to the designer that we form a grasp of the purpose.

            2.Divine Relationships

People are placed around you to bring into fruitfulness. There are people who share in your passion, who understand your enthusiasm to create a difference. These people must be identified and pursued. This action requires maturity of purpose. When we connect with our divine relationships, they usher us into the divine set up. Our realm of greatness.

                3.The Divine Set- up.

This is your field of design, the pitch where your talents, skills, abilities, knowledge create the magic that wows the world. This is where your gifts are put in service for the good and advancement of mankind. This is your field of greatness. If you find this set-up you realize success, honour, dignity, greatness.



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