Africa’s power women speak on change and greatness.

power    It is my greatest belief that when the sleeping woman wakes, the world moves. Women are the creations of infinite strength, people of unparalleled optimism, with resolute determination. But one is never powerful, until one realizes how powerful one is. It is my faith that women will awaken to their power and potential, and redefine the conversations of the world. That they will provide the much desperately needed leadership in Africa.

Julie Gichuru–  Big results require big ambitions. One of  the greatest responsibilities is to mentor and teach generations that follow us.
    Kenyan. Afro-optimist. TV host. Producer. Entrepreneur.            Philanthropist.

Elsie kanza- I see Africa as producing some of the best leaders in the world. there is always an opportunity for income employment and growth in this continent.
Tanzania. Economic advisor to Tanzanian president. Desmond Tutu leadership fellow.

Funmi IyandaI will not be anger, I will not be worry. I will be humble I will be honest in my work I will be compassionate to myself and others.
Nigerian. Journalist and broadcaster

Magatte Wade–  be fearless strong yet warm and nurturing and somewhat unstoppable.
Senegal. Entrepreneur.

Isis Nyong’o–  one thing that is consistent in my past is that i have taken very calculated risks. I think its about being true to yourself. 
kenya. Vice president and Managing Director for Africa of InMobi.

saran kaba jonesinvest in people and organizational capacity and the returns will be ten fold.

Joyce Bandaif there is one thing i never do its nothing. It seems like i just cant do nothing right.
Malawi. President of the Republic of Malawi.

Bethlehem Tilahun Alemuwe are working for change. We will forever shift the  course on development.
Ethiopia. Entrepreneur. Founder soleRebel footwears.

Ory Okollohavoid the unattractiveness of self-rghteousness.
kenya. Co- founder Ushahidi and Mzalendo platforms. Blogger. Activist.

leymah Agbowee- you can tell people of the need to struggle but when the powerless start to see that they can really make a difference nothing can quench the fire .
Liberia. Peace and women rights activist. Author. Nobel laureate.

Maud Chifambait is not everyone who is fortunate enough to have this opportunity.
Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe genius who has enrolled at the university of Zimbabwe at age 14.



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