let go, give in.

images   Let go, give in, take a journey of your life. Let go of  your fears, let go of  your doubts, let go of  your worries, let go of  friends who establish you a support system that reinforces your limitations, that enhance your sense of  caution to choosing to take  acceptable risks, who reinforce your mediocrity and the thoughts of victimhood  in your life. Just let go and let the spirit fill the moment.

Give in to love, to love of  fellow men and humanity, to love of God. Give in to trust; to trust of your partners in business, relationships and life, to the joy that comes due to sacrificing for others.

Give in to loving more sincerely, to goodness. Give in to doing that one thing that makes a difference- the right thing. Do the right thing, let go of trying to be perfect. Life gets frustrating in the pursuit of perfection, because no matter how hard we try, we will never reach there. Work on being better, day by day.

Give in to living the best of your life, to exploit your potential and opportunities that come to you. Give in to making an effort  to love more, to be more kinder, a little bit more forgiving and more humble.

Take the journey of your life and watch the world unfold before your eyes.


inspired by Eddie Murphy‘s the Holy Man.


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