Get desperate..!!!

My greatest discovery during my tender years was that every miracle in the bible began with a problem. Only when someone was hurting could they receive relief. Only when one was questioning could they find answers. Only when one was groping in the dark could they see the light. Frustrations are the engine that drives transformation.

Our hurt has to be great enough to create the desire to change. If you are desperate and need to change, you are a candidate for a miracle. Nothing sparks desire more than the sudden realization that you do not have to stay the same.

You no longer need to feel the burden of negative attitudes. You have no reason to constantly feel bitter and resentful about life, others or yourself. You can change.

Desire increases with love. Fall in love with the challenge of change and watches the desire to change grow. That which holds your attention determines your action.

I pray to God that you be hurt so much to remain the same or that you receive so much that you can change. Whichever way, you got to change. YOU GOT TO BE BETTER, GREATER, HAPPIER, MORE SUCCESSFUL AND FILLED WITH PEACE.


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