take a stand, make it count.!!!

Hope you are in superb spirit. Been working on a new book- will be releasing it soon. Its about taking conscious effort to set in motion a chain of decisions that will radically change your life. Been thinking about what cause man should strive for.? If you have not found a cause to die for, you are not fit to live- Martin Luther King Jr.

Mahatma Gandhi, Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela and Malala Yousafzai are my heroes. Malala Yousafzai is a 16 year old girl who was shot in the head by a Taliban militant last October after campaigning for girls’ rights to education. She has won the prestigious International Children’s Peace Prize.

Barrack Obama has been talking about launching a military offensive in Syria after reports shown that the Syrian regime used chemical weapons on a number of civilians. He calls the measures he will be taking after approval by the United States Congress the “world’s red line”. The assertion by the world that no longer can we condone inhumanity, no longer can the world stand aside and watch, the cost of inaction is unacceptable. By no way do I support war, but he asks at what point do we say that we need to confront the actions that violate our common humanity.?

So today I want you to  determine and draw a red line. What in the world do you believe is unacceptable. What cannot happen in the world as long as a few good men exist.? Evil prospers because good men fail to act.

I have determined that so much struggle and suffering borne out of poor governance and inexperienced leadership is a NO! NO! for me. That poverty cannot continue to claim so many destinies in a world so \much rich with resources and when we have solutions to the world’s pertinent challenges. It is time for execution of ideas, ideation without execution is illusion- Robin Sharma.

Take a stand and speak out. Take a stand and make deliberate action to bring the world to its feet. Become the foremost ideapreneur  that the world is yet to see. Your presence matter. You make the difference. Not the system. Not the policies. You. i Declare You are so much, among so many. Make your voice, your contribution, your hope, your faith, count. MAKE IT COUNT.!!! YES YOU CAN.!!!



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