Mother Teresa’s love and service psychology

WorksBookMother Teresa is a leadership icon. A moral titan. A humanist.. A Nobel Peace Prize laureate.
She founded the Missionaries of Charity in 1948, with nothing but the conviction of the call to  minister the world on God’s love. Come Be My Light, was God’s call to her. Her mission is now established in well over 150 counties of the world.
At the age of 18, moved by the desire to become a missionary, she left her home to join the institute of Blessed Virgin Mary”sisters of Loreto.” she also served as teacher nun.

She shared with the world her spirit of prayer, simplicity, humility, sacrifice and apostolate of humble works. She changed the world with her charity, unselfishness and courage, her capacity for hard-work and a natural talent for organization. She lived her life out in consecration to Jesus, in the midst of her companions, with fidelity and joy.
Check out the principles that guided her, from the world’s most precious leadership book, The Bible.
1. Whoever must be first among you must be slave of all- Mark 10:44.
These were Jesus’ words to his disciples on the way to greatness. It is the path that he took himself, that took him to the cross. To be the servant of all! Her life is a testimony to the dignity and privilege of humble service. She chose not to be just the least, but to be the servant of the least. Her greatness lies in her ability to give without counting the cost, to give until hurts.

2. As you did to the least of my brothers, you did it to me-Matthew 25:40.
This was the basis of her faith-filled conviction that in touching the broken bodies of the poor she was touching the body of Christ. Mother Teresa highlights the deepest meaning of service- an act of love done to the naked, the sick, the homeless, the oppressed, the forgotten- is done to Jesus himself. She wanted to be the sign of God’s love, God’s presence and God’s compassion . Reminding the world of the value and dignity of God’s children created to love and to be loved.

3. Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and never give up- Luke 18.
Her energy, persistence, perseverance and burning desire to always be in service of the poor, the unwanted, the uncared for, came from the many hours of prayer she spent before the Holy Eucharist. Praying for strength, fortitude, courage, wisdom, renewal, forgiveness.The painful nights of her soul which began around the time her work for the poor began and continued to the end of her life, led her to a more profound union with God.

Focus your leadership on these 3 principles and see yourself grow in depths of influence, and impact through a total life of service to humanity.


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