its not time,its you!

time  SHALOM! Such a great privilege to have you on this blog. You matter. You are valuable, brilliant. You are just so full of genius. There is genius in you-somethings are seen by the heart and manifested to the eye. So today I want to share with you insights that will help you become your absolute self, release insane energy and get your name tattooed  by the GREAT ONES!

Contrary to belief, your greatest asset in this life is not so much about TIME as it ENERGY. With time and lacking energy, you get so little, close to nothing accomplished. My desire is to help you drop your lethargy,your feelings of lassitude and fire you up to move the world, to fuel your potential. It is about energy balance, doing your giant stuff all day and still being so full of energy that the night can’t put you down.



Understand this truth, it is the weight on your heart  that wears you down. It is the hate that you harbor, the grudge that you hold, the forgiveness you have not asked that tires you even in your sleep. We all make mistakes, but we all have a right to live free of them.

Get in the right way of living, ask for forgiveness, REMEMBER to forgive yourself. Empty your heart of all those life-sucking maladies. Breathe new life into your being.


Give up on worry, fretting, doubts, fears. The fears,doubts,worries that you nurse, grow. Whatever you feed your mind manifests in your life. Thoughts become things. Surrender everything to the creative energies of the universe, let them unfold at their opportune moment. Understand that God is in control. That it is only your best interest that He has at heart. Everything has a way of working itself out. REMEMBER; YOU CREATE YOUR FEARS!

Write a list of everything that you are worried or fearful about, pray over it, burn it up. The fears that you face are the fears that you conquer. RUN TO YOUR FEARS!


The words you speak release either positive or negative energy. Start your day with thoughts and affirmations  of positivity, victory, achievement, greatness, significance. I make a point of repeating I BELIEVE all my morning. It releases power and possibilities for me. Together with phrases such as I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME! Read your most powerful positive affirmations!


Take a walk, run, go to the gym, swim- whatever you do, make a habit of awakening your body every morning. Exercise bursts forth a reservoir of energy you never thought you had. It keeps you fresh and reinvigorated for all your duties.


Have a clear sight of what must be done, why, where, how, who. Be proactive in your work. Prepare ahead to root out emergencies and to avoid the frustration that it breeds when you fail. See ahead!


Clarity of focus is the secret of super- achievers. Have the courage to say NO to 1000 stuff so that you can concentrate on your most important goals. Clarity breeds mastery.

Clarity breeds mastery.Have the courage to say NO to a 1000 things to concentrate on your priority. Do not be reactive. Understand what is important versus what is urgent.

The Law of Priority– when things are a priority they get done. Period!

Create a smaller to-do list. Only 20 percent of what you do each day produces 80 percent of your results. Eliminate the things that don’t matter during your workday; they have a minimal effect on your overall productivity.



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