Be a better leader today!

battleSHALOM! IT’S A GREAT DAY TO BE ALIVE! I am fascinated by the power that is in you. That you can do whatever you set your mind on. Its really awesome for you to know that your mission is that you give to yourself, your victory is that which you declare. You are a person of infinite power, a body of eternal possibilities. Just finished my book, THE INFINITE POWER WITHIN, its a revolution to how you live and lead.

Leadership is what I breathe and eat. Passion is the heart of courage. Find what you love and let it kill you is my message to you. People do not run away from bad companies, employees run away from poor leadership. Poor leaders drive good people away. So today my desire is to help you to understand the rough edges that make your leadership really unattractive and as a result, does not really inspire you and others around you to your most excellent performance. Without effective leadership, you might as well say bye to your lofty obsessions.

Dig deeper to find your precious gifts. Does the person you see when you look at the mirror move you? Would you follow him? Does his ideas and character inspire you to conquer yourself? To be the best, you have to be totally honest with yourself…and others. Be honest with yourself, even if you cannot tell others. The wise man Socrates said that let any man who would move the world first move himself. Powerful idea right there. If you are intellectually honest with yourself and focus on your desired outcomes- which must include growth and learning- the day you stop growing and learning is the day your leadership becomes obsolete. People follow you because of what you are capable of, that is your VALUE. VALUE- the number of problems you can solve.

You will find that the path of inquiry and curiosity is the better way to live your live. Your exceptionality, your uniqueness and effectiveness, is marked by your curiosity. Examine the results of your actions to see the adjustment or change required to mold you into the best leader that you can ever be.  INTROSPECT- look inward to determine what you want most to achieve, and what actions and attitudes will get you there. We must each assume responsibility for our own destiny. Ask yourself if there is more or better than you can do. You will always find the answer to be yes.

Invite feedback. Feedback is the breakfast of champions. Feedback is a gift. Allow others to give you feedback. Be opening to learning, even if it is sometimes painful. Without feedback, how will you know you have achieved your desired outcomes?

As you awaken to your weaknesses-you can only confront that which you can see- seek mentorship and coaching. From Greek mythology, Mentor was the great friend and adviser of Odysseus and teacher of his son, Telemachus. Mentorship and coaching are two of the most valuable ways to improve your performance. Both depend upon very effective interpersonal skills and healthy relationship, built upon mutual respect and trust. Coaching is eyeball-to-eyeball management- Dennis Kinlaw. Alone you can be good, to be the best, you need a mentor.



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