15 Ideas for an incredibly terrific life!

business-is-great-people-are-terrific-life-is-wonderful-76691616   SHALOM GREAT ONE! Just feeling so privileged to live during such exciting times.

These change rich moments provide you the greatest leverage to reposition, reinvent, and redefine yourself. You were made to fly, to conquer, to thrive. You can be the greatest, you can be the best. You have it  all inside of you to become your best self and to dazzle the world by the mastery of your genius. Do not make a mockery of your existence. LIVE YOUR GREATNESS!

Here are my 15 ideas to live an incredibly terrific life!

1. Dream huge- Think the impossible, believe it, go after it. Live everything else for the timid, shoot at the impossible!

2. Read- 3 hours every day. In silence, t.v. off, free from distraction, read. You can learn anything you want to learn.

3. Listen to the inner voice- Truth exists; lies are invented. Follow  your intuition to your conviction.

4. Learn from the right mentors- Alone you can be good, to be best, you need a mentor.

5. Assume responsibility. Blame no one- Major stumbling block on the path of self-knowledge and the development of leadership are denial and blame. Read: take total,full, responsibility

6. Perfect the practice of silence- In silence, truth is found.

7. Embrace personal excellence- Be a brand that inspires godliness by your integrity, mastery and leadership.

8. Take a stand- Evil prospers because good men fail to act. Read: take a stand, make it count

9. Lead like a lady- When you embrace the gentleness of a woman and the resoluteness of a man, the world will know peace.

10. Be a team player- The greater the dream, the more important the team.

11. Be genuinely humble- Humility is a single gem that is more precious than a mountain of jewels.

12. Innovate- Nothing is so good that it couldn’t be better.

13. Learn the value of honor- What you respect, you attract.

14. Show care and concern- Compelling caring creates connections. This is the easiest path to influence

15. Become a thought-leader- Be an ideapreneur.


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