The science of success

Achieve_SuccessDon’t forget to be awesome.

SHALOM GREAT ONE! Hope you really are great, believing in the promise of your potential and sweating for the great life that you deserve. What you work for is what you deserve. What you work for shows what you have settled for.

On my end,I am visioning my book. I can see the cover, the pages. It isn’t just about getting a book out, it is my commitment to place in your hands a wonderful piece prized for its aesthetic value and valuable for the wisdom that it will give you to make your life better. I am also working with my designers to present you a  new website and blog, easy for the eye and enchanting to the soul. Call it the art of seduction. You are precious, you deserve better. I am not going to let you down on that.

You do not need to change per se, you are not that imperfect, you just need to learn to be more deliberate with the process of finding your true inner voice and helping others find theirs. Be authentic. That is the true struggle of human existence. To be yourself, in a world that is trying to get you to conform, I believe that will be the agenda on judgment day.

Life without success would be hollow. Money creates memories. Making money and making the world a better place are not contrary to one another. Life is beautiful; living is experiencing this beauty, not through someone else’s eyes. Enjoying life through the lenses is what I call it. Lack of money is the root of all evil.

The good news is that each one of us can be successful regardless of race, gender, background, etc. Success is a science, IF you have the right conditions,  you get the rght results. It is following a certain path, not uniform, but distinct to each one us, but with similar values; determination, perseverance, creativity, innovation, leadership. We were sent down here not to be perfect, but to live our authentic selves. Authenticity, not perfection, will be the hallmark of our achievement.

Of greater significance, is the fact that you must be willing to be different, to feel different and to create different. Consistency and not conformity is the path way to the true promise of significance. Consistency to purpose is the way to success. Consistency in the present unlocks the really brilliant future ahead of you. Do not conform to the pattern of the world, think differently. Tap into your gifts, practice, perfect, and create mastery. Steve Martins says that you be so good that they cannot ignore you. It is about being obsessed to some extent with your passion. Focus and time are the ingredient that crafts world- class talent. Focus without time or passion is what the world calls a job. Passion without time or focus is what the world calls cynicism. Time and focus without passion is what sustains you in mediocrity. Time without focus or passion is living the life of a douchebag. The elite successful people make their giant leaps in the time that others waste.

The question you should ask is whether the activities that form your to-do-list get you nearer to your goals or they are taking you further from your dreams. The first step to living your best life is to have the courage to say NO to the things you do not want. It takes leadership to say NO, saying yes is easy. When I study the best of the best, the really excellent leadership gurus, the works of the insanely inspirational worldly spiritual teachers, their message seems to resonate in singularity: De-clutter your life from reactions, from the urgent, get responsive, understand what is important. 80% of your results come from the top 20% of your tasks. Have less. Do more. For effectiveness and focus, I recommend not more than five high priority tasks every day. A lack of boundary invites a lack of respect. You cannot do it all, so what you can do, do fabulously.

Be thorough in your execution of each one of these tasks. Do not procrastinate. If you will do it half way, do not start it all. IF YOU CANNOT DO IT RIGHT, DO NOT DO IT YET. This will give you 10x more productivity without requiring any more time input from you. Be totally present. Give events your full concentration. It has been observed that college students who consistently attend classes and pay attention to lectures, without further investment of study hours, make an average grade of B.

Do not just be busy, be fruitful!

Please help get the word out. Share!

inspire. impact. transform.


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