To innovate, be compassionate.

On risk: “Failure is an option here. If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough.”- Ellon Musk

innovation  SHALOM GREAT ONE! Been doing some research on contemporary attitudes to emotions at the workplace, just to see what it is that drives excellent customer service, and employee loyalty and creates a culture that builds a high performance organization. Co-relations between employee emotional intelligence and organizational intelligence are things that every organization intending to stick around for some time must attend to. In that regard, I also found some co-relations between individual and organizational compassion to innovation and branding.

The emotions people experience and their judgments about why and how they feel about various aspects of work make the difference in the organizational performance, customer loyalty, and employee well-being. Emotions are a means through which organizations communicates its values to itself and the market.

Innovation is concerned with not just coming up with better products and services but much more importantly eliminating pains that people experienced as a result of the process or use of the existing products. Consider M-PESA, the money transfer service from Safaricom or the ingenious designs of Apple, or the revolutionary products offered by insurance, such as the recent insurance to cover your phone.

When emotions do not underlie innovation, it fails to connect with its intended users. So you have a really great product that people are not willing to buy. It is about keeping in mind what will connect to your audience or  market starting with you as the audience or the market, and not just be led by what is interesting to you. You innovate as a customer. Innovation is not about giving people what they want, so many people do not know what they want until they see it, but what they must have.

More so, innovation that come out of your experiences,  born out of the chaos of your life, imbued by the spirit of your dreams and refined by the insights that come out of struggles will help you drive this generation. Creativity is messy. Chaos create a sense of urgency, without urgency desire loses its value. It provides an excellent opportunity to redefine what the worlds calls success and question the status quo. Chaos push the demand for imagination. Innovation speaks the story of the possibilities of imagination.

Next time when you are thinking to create, get emotional! You have been called to do that which you love or to change that which you hate.


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