Position for competitive advantage


When the going gets tough, the tough change the rules.

Strategic intent is the only leverage that creates industry titans. Technology might help, aggressive investment might do you some good, but the only way to make it big, is to purpose to be big from the start. It is what has set APPLE, SONY, SAMSUNG, USA, MALAYSIA, apart. It takes a leader to chart the course. That is the essence of vision. If you do not know where you are going, any road will take you there.

Pursue a future without limits by overcoming constraints of limited resources in the early period and by reinventing the rules of the game in the current market platform. Stretching beyond the limits of your present capabilities and resources and creating an extreme misfit between resources and ambitions is the only way to outgrow your present position. Circumstances don’t change, people grow. Competitive innovation is what will get you at the industry leader position that you so much crave.

Build layers of advantage– continuously expand your competitive advantage, ranging from the cost-savers to  adding global brands. Target industry segments where you can easily compete on your strengths and capabilities. Grow your quality, along with it your price. Most importantly, build your brand to a global myth.

Search for loose bricks– exploit the benefit of surprise, by staking out under-defended  territory of larger, more powerful competitors. Begin with a careful analysis of rival’s conventional wisdom to search for loose bricks. Build a base of attack just outside the market territory that industry leaders currently occupy. Build a base of operations in under-defended territories and use that base to launch an expanded attack. To better compete later, deliberately improve on your design and competence. Do not undervalue the value of knowledge as the greatest competitive advantage tool, constantly develop superior thinking patterns and expert content.

Change the terms of engagement– refuse to accept the front-runner’s definition of industry and segment boundaries. Create new space instead of searching for niche within the existing industry space by entering the high-end market. Make faster investment decisions than your competitors on market segments that you stake. It is all about efficiency and speed in execution. Command technological leadership and leverage on this to create innovative products.

Use collaboration-Do not compete, collaborate. Turn enemies into friends. Collaborate to calibrate competitors strength and weaknesses. Learn from the best of your competitors. Give them a brick, to get a jade. Collaboration with industry leaders allows you to narrow the gap between your competitors and you at an accelerated pace. Synergize the exposure to new knowledge and technology with your in-depth knowledge and experiences to create a momentum of unparalleled growth.



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