The points of purpose…

purposeYou are not just a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop- Rumi. Your presence matters, you make the difference. The world would change if you would want it to change. You are a person of infinite power, a body of eternal possibilities. Inspire, impact and transform.

Purpose is a core reason to everything. It starts and breaks relationships, builds companies, topples governments, revolutionizes education and healthcare systems, just changes everything. Purpose is about finding the meaning of life. The meaning of life is about finding your gift, your core strength that easily allows you to make a contribution. Purpose of life is about giving this gift away. What purpose really addresses is the intimate innate feeling that makes us all human, the need to matter, to make a contribution, to leave a legacy. Living your purpose is the way to write history. Every darn fool can make history, the Great Ones write it.

This is what I think purpose should encompass, the list is not exhaustive. Participation– Where there is a will, there is away, and where there is a team, there is more than one way- Sir Imam Okau series.

Personal excellence that disregards the contribution of others create resentment.  Leading the way is about being daring to spark the dialogues and innovations that each one can be a part of.  It is known that the good to great companies, those that are at the pinnacle of their industry, not because of what they do, but rather because of who they do it with. No one cares you are at the top if you are not reaching out to lift up others.

Appreciation- Do not just involve people in your ideas and initiatives, appreciate their very presence and contribution. What you show gratitude for, you get more of. Each one of us appreciates being acknowledged. What you appreciate you keep. We do not depreciate when we appreciate. Moreover, appreciating people attracts them to the ideals that we hold. Appreciating people helps us to get over their weaknesses and work their strengths. Success comes when we work strengths and forget the fret about inadequacies. Share the glory and raise the esteem of everyone involved.

Passion- Life is about finding happiness in everything that you do, seeing joy in sadness and misfortunes. Do not just hope for happiness, create it. Happiness is not something to be postponed for the future, happiness is a gift for the present. Passion is the heart of courage. It takes courage to be a civilized human and not act barbaric. It takes courage to be open to new ideas and trust people. Your purpose will give you your provision. Get passionate and you may end up filthy rich. Passionate people love life with all its twists and turns.

Process- Trust is compromised by process. Living purpose is about finding conviction in the process, to create credibility that allows you to influence. Leadership is all about influence, nothing more, nothing else. Without leadership, even the best ideas remain undone.

Be Punctual– IF you are to achieve your goals,you must achieve them on time. Timing is the essence of victory. Doing the right thing at the wrong time is a mistake. Purpose is perfected by opportunity. Jack Sparrow understood the idea of the opportune moment.  It’s always about timing. If it’s too soon, no one understands. If it’s too late, everyone’s forgotten. ―Anna Wintour. Time shall always be right to do the right thing-Martin Luther King Jr. There is no wrong time for doing the right thing.






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