Wisdom for understanding

“Data is not information, information is not knowledge, knowledge is not understanding, understanding is not wisdom.” Clifford Stoll

wisdomWhat is understanding? This is a question that philosophers continue to grapple with. They suggest that it is not simply about understanding effect, but rather the cause. Understanding or awareness is borne out of knowledge. There is no such thing as darkness, there is only ignorance. We understand that which we have  knowledge about. Fruits were falling long before Isaac Newton discovered the law of gravity. Synthesis of knowledge made the understanding possible.

Here are my thoughts:

Education is confidence.

Education is the confidence that enables one to confront the future, to trust in uncertainties, to grasp that time and opportunity will always present success and greatness to the person that has his eyes set on the goal, to the leader with an open mind. This is the premise of innovative leadership. Leading people to an uncertain future, because it is needed for growth and hope, because it will make them better. Creation and change happen when you are outside what you know, and you are comfortable with.

Information is in the people, not in your head.

The greatest lessons in life are learnt from experiences.  Innovation is about designing experiences, and not products. Providing value that solves problems and not just features that make a product interesting. It is about investing in hopes and reams and not just functions. People build things. Innovation is about engaging at a deeper level. In summary, do not let your schooling, affect your education. Learn, unlearn and relearn.

“The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.” Herbert Spencer

When we know better, we are empowered to do better. We create when we act, we change when we apply. The greatest evidence of an educated mind, is that it acts on its knowledge. It innovates out of its accumulation of experiences. This is tacit knowledge that makes innovation and leadership possible by everyone. This is the essence of wisdom. Effective application of knowledge. To know and not to act, the philosopher say, is not to know. 

You are the creator of your destiny.

This is probably the greatest discovery that man has made. That each one of us is responsible for who we are and who we become. That regardless of happenings, we choose our response, and this response shapes our future.  This shifts the mainframe of responsibility from everyone else to ourselves. We learn not to blame others, as we are the ones that create our reality. This is power. Power is not dominion and control. It is knowing who you are and what you in your reality. Know that you create your reality. The only person you become, is the person you choose to be.

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