Past conversation.

Truth be told, I have been struggling, just as you are, with the whole concept of controlling your thoughts. The whole idea that when we trust the process, when we choose to remain unmoving, the right action arises by itself, that we can lead at the most vital of times by letting events take their course, these ideas yet still seem to be boggling. Don’t we so much insist on action, on crafting our circumstances to our liking? We can command positivity, joy and hope, but it is really a challenge to create that state of sereneness in your whole being.

I have been studying the Tao Te Ching, one of my absolute guides in the path of leadership and being. It is a guide to living in absolute faith, because you have connected with your deepest self. It allows each one of us, when we embrace it to expand the horizons of our moral imagination, it awakens within each one of us, our common human purpose, and calls on the courage and will to act, to infuse hope and love in everything that we do. Because we understand our deepest self, because we do not strive for others approval, because we chose to stand above the clutter and endless chatter that drowns our originality, we gain clarity, we fail to define ourselves and others see the most of themselves in us.

I embraced the call to define myself merely as a human being. To step up to the responsibility that our shared humanity imposes on each one of us, to grasp the glass clarity that comes with those two words, and the powers that it places at my disposal, to share hope, to inspire faith and to live in love. It isn’t easy. The world calls on us with its theory of survival and success to tramp on everything sacred, to tarnish values for fun and pleasure in order to gain leverage in our pursuits. Honesty, I have been told, is an hindrance on the path to success.

Our human truth cannot be overshadowed by the need to get ahead. Without truth, there can be no forging ahead. It will be exciting of course. A rocking chair gives the feel of progress. But it is only when we reconnect to our human truth, inherent within each of us, only then, can we be able to start the bold conversations that will bring justice, freedom and healing, the basic needs of all people, into the light. It is above all, a must, that when we connect with our truth, that we move past the conversation, into the movement.

Inspire. Impact. Transform.


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