New Year’s Revolution: Speak out

No one is free until we are all free- Abraham Lincoln

Quotation-African-Proverb-youth-life-Meetville-Quotes-7808  I think it right that as the ever unending turmoil that characterizes Africa continues in South Sudan, that I should say a few words. I believe that as a people we permit too much violence, we practice too much hatred and discrimination, all in the name of justice, freedom and opportunities. I wonder whether the child killed during the course of this wars benefits from this “justice”. I say that no one is free until we are all free. I say Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. This can’t be just their struggle, it can’t be just their fight, justice is a birthright to each one of us, regardless of whether we are born in a palace or in the jungles. The future can only hold out its promise to the whole of humanity if we march together.

Intolerance is always due to to a want of understanding and ignorance of our interconnectedness. Our common humanity, our common human purpose stands for tolerance, for reason, for progress, for the adventure of ideas and for our unique search for truth. Our common humanity stands for an onward march of all humanity towards the higher objectives of life, towards an embrace of brotherhood. 

These grievous trials that we face, we will survive them as one people, yet we cannot allow the imminent loses that they bring. Their legacy is that of tortured minds and stunted souls. We have to make a stand. The world must draw its red-line. The work of healing and creating must start a new, without the petty differences that divide us but inspired by the fire of love that we see in each other’s eyes. Hate is only a desperate cry for love. Give only love. Be only love. The wounded bodies and spirits calls on us to move out and protest…I understand the fear, that the voices of dissent will drown our cries, but still, we must cry out.




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