Witches or the Olympic?

olympicisEach moment, by each decision we take, we either give power or diminish the strength of the  gift that is us.

The torch has been passed on to you, the baton of the responsibility of leadership has been handed down to you. What will you do with it?

You can chose to never recognize the power that it comes with and fail to step up to the moment, or you can chose to believe that it does not matter that the responsibility, the power, the demands of the universe are well upon you, and drag through this life, hurting the very souls that you could have healed. 

You can chose to succumb to the pressure that comes with the tremendous power of your being and greatness, and join the crowd, it costs nothing to join the crowd mind you. But it will cost you everything you have to stand aside and be different, and be noticed, and be celebrated.

You can chose to assume the calling, and if it happens that you do not hear it, call yourself. You can chose this year, to silence the voice of the inner man or to trust him fully and be led by your conscience. You can chose to refuse what you do not agree with, do not condone and settle for less than what you deserve. What you settle for, is what you deserve.

It is always within your power, to give meaning to the circumstance of your life. It is always within your power to chose to be scared by the light that shines within you, or to be empowered, to be emboldened, to be fired up. DECIDE!



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