Create yourself!

Believe. Begin. Become

beeShalom! It is always a privilege to write. I write to protest silence, to inspire hope and light and confidence. So many of us we look for approval, for significance, outside ourselves. We wish that someone would acknowledge what we do, support what we stand for, appreciate our creative practices and activities. Understand, you are enough. This year you need only five people to believe in you, to believe in what you create and stand for, I am one, find the other four.

It is a blessing when others believe in you, it is a greater blessing to believe in yourself. Even when you are a minority of one, I am reminded, the truth is still the truth. Who you are, what you stand for, if you hold on tight and do not relent, if you believe and do not compromise, if you trust and persevere and be not of faint heart, what you believe in will always manifest. It may take time, but conviction and effort always pays off.

My emphasis this new year, find something to believe in. Find a cause to live for and if be necessary, to die for. The courageous man is only a weak man that confronts the issues of his time on shaking knees. We do not have courage, we seek and find courage. If we create a habit of standing up for something, mediocrity and evil will bow itself out of our lives. If we choose to speak up, our collective voices will drown the powerful voices that shout anarchy and disorder at the top of their lungs.

We lack because we do not ask for, we suffer because we do not believe and stand! WE are powerless, only if we continue undermining each other’s power and directing our energies to the issues of yester-years.

WE are as powerful as we allow ourselves to be.


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