Sick and tired.

Where opportunities do not knock, build a door.

Shalom! Been thinking about the rut that most of us are ever stuck in, the ever insane amounts of lethargy and boredom that we experience the most hours of our days,  and the huge amounts of time that we waste once we get off the bed, dragging and drooling from one activity to the other, not doing much, and accomplishing nothing at the end of the day. Your days can be different, your life can be so much full of passion and motivation, your work can transform from the mediocrity that defines it, to the work of a legend, a masterpiece, something that the world wakes up and waits for.

Be miserable or be motivated, it is your choice. Live on passion, burning up with ideas and with the discipline to focus and create, or be just there, with lots of stuff in your head, that stresses you instead of scaring you. Each one of us is an expert waiting to be.

Contrary to what you have been led to believe, it isn’t as difficult, not when you have decided. It is my experience, that when we make a decision, things tend to be possible, to be bearable, to be inevitable.

What life demands of you dear friend, what success desires of you, is not intelligence but rather courage. Courage to look within yourself and realize your infinite power and potential, courage to engage with yourself into bold conversations that will change your outlook and your faith and beliefs. The things that hold us are only as powerful as we believe them to be! I am sick and tired of the sick and tired weary stuff that you have been putting up with! 



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