The rain is everywhere.

“When my master and I were walking in the rain, he would say, ‘Do not walk so fast, the rain is everywhere.'” — Shunryu Suzuki


There is something peculiar to each one of us, something distinct, controlling, yet it is the same thing that makes us wholly human. It is what makes me and you tick. It is the basis for most of our aspirations, our hopes and dreams, our interactions, it is the need for power!

Each one of us ticks by the second because of the power demon that haunts us. Even when we give up our power, it is simply because we feel that the lowly state that we descend to will somehow empower us, through some semblance of security or comfort, or relationships or satisfaction. It is the reason that we hate, because we feel that it gives us power over the objects of our hate. It is the reason that we exploit others, may be because their tears will fill the cup of emptiness that engulfs our souls. It is the reason we refuse to empower others and to avail them opportunities and a chance may be because of  the feeling that comes when  they entirely are dependent on us.

Kinda reminds me of the need for the politics of love. The need for authentic and a deeply sincere leadership, that is willing to be vulnerable, to expose its naked soul, and to sacrifice for the very values that it believes in. If we are not willing to sacrifice for our values, then may be we should rethink their place in our lives and the society.

But what this hunger for power really shows I think, is that as a people we are disconnected from ourselves, we are lacking in ambitions, and have failed to connect with that part of ourselves that speaks sweetness and light.

Life really begins to form and roll the moment we discover that we can do anything we want. The moment we realize that without a speck of doubt, that we are the creators of our destiny, that we command and chart the path of our destiny and craft our experiences. This experience leads to the awakening that WE have been placed here to put a dent in the universe. This tasks demands that we develop and mature in creating a serenity of the spirit, that embraces all humanity, and is open to all experiences, while still maintaining a turbulence of action.

Our ambitions more than anything else should unite us and never divide us. Our dreams should weave our collective efforts and hope together, and not be the cause for our animosity and selfishness.


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