Keep on keeping on.

When a poor, skinny black boy announced that he wanted to be the President of the USA, America laughed at him. He wasn’t rich, wasn’t experienced and wasn’t WHITE. And YET, today, that boy is the PRESIDENT of the USA

When an old, poor, ugly woman auditioned for the British show, BRITAIN’S GOT TALENT, the judges laughed at her. She was old, dirty, ugly and shaggy. But the 47-yearold Susan Boyle amazed the World with her vocals, won the competition, and has sold 100 million copies of her first album!

When a poor, black Sudanese refugee girl went to Britain and got a job as a toilet cleaner, NO ONE would expect that she
would be a Global Supermodel. But today, Alek Wek is the world’s famous supermodel who goes for lunch with Tyra Banks!

When her boyfriend dumped her, after telling her that she was fat and ugly, British singer ADELE was totally broken-hearted. But today, the girl is the highest-earning British singer and has won 8 GRAMMY AWARDS!

He started singing in 2000. He made over ten albums and still NOBODY cares about him! They laughed at his weird, senseless songs…and He almost gave up music but then, he released GANGNAM STYLE, and today, PSY is a global mega superstar, earning millions of dollars and with the MOST WATCHED video in YouTube History!

The world’s expectations of you are not God’s Preparations! While the WORLD is busy hating, GOD is busy Loving!
While the WORLD is busy Destroying You, GOD is busy Building You! While the WORLD is running away from You,
GOD is busy running towards You!
While the WORLD thinks your time is Up,
Keep Praying!
Keep Hoping!
Keep Trusting!
Keep Believing!
Keep Waiting!
GOD is NEVER LATE. He is about to remind us that His ways are not our ways neither is His thoughts ours. Believe in your WORTH!! DREAM BIG & tune out the HATERS& BULLIES that Lie & tell you, you are worthless because you are not.


2 thoughts on “Keep on keeping on.

  1. Well said. Let no one tell us what we can do. It is God alone who takes the lowest of the low, poorest of the poor in heart, and lifts, revitalizes, changes into instruments for His divine will. And in this moment of awakening, He has our heart, attention, as we now see… what only God can do. * smiles*

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