Life unfolds.

Being with a Master is never comfortable, because He will break all your limitations, all your ideologies.

The meaning of life is beyond meaning, that is what makes life breathtaking, exciting, beautiful. That things happen, not so that we may we may give them or perceive in them meaning, but rather that we may allow it to unfold, and present itself at its most opportune moment. It is what we call mindfulness, trusting so much in the wisdom of the moment, in the intelligence of the universe, that we can allow most of what happens to us to simply unfold. It is trust in the one who beckons for the second to tick. It is trust that things happen to the people that it should happen to, the way it should happen to them, and at the time that it does happen to them. This is divine coincidence.

The purpose of life unfolds to the most desperate. To the searching, the unsatisfied, the lost souls that walk a path unknown to them in search of the truth. We are all in our paths being led to the master. We are all in our experiences being prepared for the moment of enlightenment. Your past does not define you, it only prepares you for your destiny. Regardless of where we are, or who we are, the universe conforms itself to lead us to our most authentic selves and to our most pure desires.



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