Secrets to make life happen

This is an idea about things so basic. About practices so powerful. About the kind of faith that climbs mountains. I believe that if the world would grasp the following A, B,C s of life regardless  of age, gender or any other factors considered to limit individuals, we can create a perfect world. Perfect in the sense that we all will live the life that we dare. It is about changing mentalities that sustain us in lack and poverty, that prevents us from basking in the ambiance of our gifts and potentials.

Find your voice

The chief purpose of life is to find our voice and to help others find theirs. Finding your voice isn’t just important or crucial, it is the make or break factor. Without a voice, you cannot impact. Your voice casts a spell that makes you shine. It is the only currency that greatness trades in. 

Finding your voice is essentially about manifesting yourself and your beliefs. It is the mandatory step towards doing valuable action in the world.


Between the great things you cannot do and the small things you shall not do, the challenge is that you shall do nothing. Start! Crawl till you can walk. Walk till you strong enough to run. Run till you great enough to fly. It does not matter what you do, just do it. Get up on your ass and just put stuff out there. It will be imperfect. Progress is striving to make things better. Perfection is perpetual transformation, continuous improvement.


The real challenge to each one of us is focusing to what is within us, around us and before us. The challenge I believe is in how to dream up the future and live the present. Focus is the test of discipline. No matter the heights of your talent,your achievements will always be shallow as the intensity of your focus.

The easiest means to concentrating focus is igniting passion. Become so attached to what you do that you want nothing else. It is by passion that the meaning of life happens to us.  Alternatively, grow so much confidence and trust in what you do, that nothing else beats it as a priority. Focus. You have to know what you value.

Become mindful of the present. You cannot be a guru unless you can derive meaning from the falling of leaves and the shaking of grass. Smile, breathe and go slow. Step back and be mindful, watch time unfold by the second. Disconnect to create epic work. Works of genius are made in solace.

Kill the ego. Be careful or the ego will crush your talent. Our spiritual journey is defined by surrender which reveals infinite centers of possibilities and freedom. The ego is the illusion that we need to define ourselves by others perception of value.  All money was not created equal. We must understand that value is relative. To kill the ego, become the angel of light and love. Become the most authentic you, bring yourself to the light.

Simplify. Less is good. Less is beautiful. Less is masterful. Less is the hallmark of genius.


The secret to genius innovation is intent. You become as big as you had purposed to. You create what you envisioned. Each one of us can achieve our lofty ambitions, but you have to have them first. Fairies appear to believers. Stop thinking small, imagine yourself creating the grandest of what you want. The Sony, the Apple of….

The challenge dear friend, is how to still your heart, to get rid of passionate attachments in order to gain clarity. To get rid of negative emotions in order to practice the kindness and compassion that allows us to innovate. Innovation is all about empathy.


The difference between your ability and your potential is your trust in the uncertain to take the big leap. You cannot walk over the water unless you step out of the boat. Be nurtured by risks. Embrace challenges. Be a YES man. Leave the possible for the timid and the realistic, shoot at the impossible. You collapse the fears that you run to. There can be no great achievements without great efforts. You cannot outsize your earnings if you fail to take risks.


Leaders are readers. Organizational inefficiencies are due to propounding ignorance within a firm. Leadership isn’t about organizational charts or  politics, it is about inspirational connection on excellence. Ignorance multiplies when connection fails. There is nothing like ignorance, there is only darkness. Reading is the way to re-script inefficiencies, it is the way to become more enlightened and free. Books are the medium of stretching our moral imaginations. In books, a man is reborn every time.   


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