Find life balance

“Be not angry that you cannot make others as you wish them to be, since you cannot make yourself as you wish to be.”

“The major work of the world is not done by geniuses. It is done by ordinary people, with balance in their lives, who have learned to work in an extraordinary manner.”

zen balance Finding balance in life is one of the greatest challenges to most people. Creating clarity, finding joy and love in the heart for the present, embracing the moment and acting for the moment, finding peace and calm in our lives at all moments is what we imagine. It can happen. You do not make it happen. You must only bring yourself to the space that makes it happen. Life more than anything I believe, is made to flourish or destroyed by our ability or lack of it to balance the various elements of our existence.

Find awareness

If you knew what you are, if you knew the source, the power that walks by you, if you knew of your magnificence, your obligations, your passions, the reason why you walk this earth and smell the earth’s scent. If you knew, you will never feel fear. You will never try to measure up to people’s expectations of you. You will need not the approval of the world. Get deeper into yourself to your cave of darkness, allow the light in.

Become your nature

Become curious of what you are afraid of. shift from fear to curiosity. Let go of your attachments. Get rid of your possessions. You came in with nothing. You will leave with nothing. Stay devoid of obsessions of possessions. Trust in yourself. Trust in your nature. You need to control nothing. Shift from a sense of entitlement to radical humility. Serve. Do not sell. Give. Do not take. Embrace your nature. Your nature is love. Your nature is kindness. Be kind to the kind. Be kind to the unkind.

Live contentment

The trappings of life are found in the pursuit of more. The idea that you are not complete without the attractions of more, is the fire that burns your soul to emptiness. Find more in life so that you can give more, not so that you have more. Detach from what you like. Give what you love. Love is not possession. Love is appreciation.  You are rich when you need less.

Be soft in your thoughts

The less rigid, the less stiff you are as a person, the more you can accomplish. The more rules you make, the more rule breakers you create. Be like water, in your softness and persistence, you can enter any space with an opening. Less rigidity, more willingness, more openness is the key to experiencing life more abundantly. Agree that you do not need to know everything. Say it to yourself: I do not know.  Stiffness is a companion in death, flexibility, softness, is a companion in life. This is the essence of mindfulness. You make nothing happen. You are made to happen.


Close your eyes, shut off your devices. Be silent, be still, be at peace, feel the connection with all humanity. Go back to nature. Learn from the grass, listen to the wind, watch the infinite power of the skies. Set time for relationships, for friendship.

Think small

Do small things. Tiny efforts stack up to brilliant results. Put your foot in front of the next one and soon you are running a marathon. Be focused on small tasks. It is the way things get done. Take it a minute by a minute. Do today’s work today. Think small, it is the way to achieve greatness.










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