Positive affirmations to living abundantly

Take a nice deep breath, release the breath, allow yourself to become more and more relaxed and comfortable. Repeat the following affirmations.

I take a 100 per cent responsibility for my life. I am strong and secure. I am a success. I can be, do and become everything that I set my mind to. I see each day as a new life, a new opportunity to create a new. Everything that I experience today is as a result of the choices that I have made. I take charge. I am in charge of my thoughts and present feelings. I am the master of my emotions.

I have unlimited personal power. My capabilities and potential are unlimited. I live my life’s purpose with zeal and enthusiasm. I live my life’s potential every day in amazing ways.I live the life of my dreams. I deserve to succeed. 

I have unlimited self-confidence. I am a persistent high achiever. I work for the good of all human beings. I allow my dreams and future to be as big as I want. No one as the ability to talk me out of my highest visions. I believe my goals and dreams are possible. I get what I expect.

My life is an exciting personal adventure. People like me. I sizzle with power and enthusiasm. I believe in myself. I go for it. I willingly jump on opportunities. I love taking action. I am always positive. I believe in my strengths and abilities. I believe that I can pull it off. I start each day with enthusiasm, eager to act. I give up the words I CAN’T. I love challenges.

I control my thoughts at all times. I am creative and resourceful. I live everyday with power and passion.

I am kind and compassionate. All my relationships are based on integrity. I forgive myself for all that I have done.

I manage my money and other resources wisely.

Mastery is my goal.

I am perfectly healthy mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. I think healthy and positive thoughts. I am healthy and strong in every way. I am in charge of my health. Every cell in my body works together in perfect harmony to create perfect health.

I talk like, feel like, dress like, as if I have achieved all my goals. The universe rewards these actions. The universe is bright and happy. 

As long as I keep learning, the path will appear. I feel fear and act anyway. I have no excuses, only world class-performance and world-class results.

I am comfortable with rejection. I learn from my mistakes. I am one with the universe. I love myself unconditionally. I practice persistence. I am an important and valuable part of the world.

I am capable and worthy of love. I give love. I receive love. I chose to be happy. I give up judging anyone including myself.I create and spread happiness. I touch many lives. I appreciate others.

I live with the attitude of gratitude. Gratitude manifests abundance in my life.

I set definite goals. I define them in detail. I achieve them always. Success comes easy to me.


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