Everyday, manifest extraodinary leadership.!

“Of dreaming there’s a goal ahead
Of hoping when our dreams are dead
Of praying when our hopes have fled
Yet losing, not afraid to fall
If bravely, we have given all”

So few are warming up to the challenge of leadership. They forget that success is when a man plays the role that destiny has for him. There has been misconceptions regarding what it really takes to become a leader or may be what really are the demands and responsibilities of leaders. It reminds me of the idea of the leadership spirit and the spirit of leadership. The difference is that each one of us is born with the leadership spirit, that is we are all born leaders. The spirit of leadership concerns the  fact that we all must acquire the attitudes and learn the mindset that makes leadership a lifestyle. That is we must learn and grow as leaders to become leaders. 

Leadership essentially is about two phenomena. What you are, that is your nature, your awareness, and what you think, that is the principles and values and ideas that influence your mindset. We become our thoughts. Leadership is the discovery of who you are, and your acceptance of your nature. If you agree to what the universe says about your nature, you embrace the responsibilities and demands and capabilities that the universe has bequeathed you.

Leadership essentially is about living in and with an attitude of manifestation of our gifts.

It is the manifestation of our mastery within the areas of our giftings that enables us to influence our sphere of influence.

Manifestation is essentially about being authentic to our nature. It is difficult to be yourself in a world that is increasingly trying to define and transform you into a certain persona by its expectations of you. Leadership is essentially about reconnecting with your most authentic self.

It is the understanding that we are ll heroes.  We are all able in small ways to take little steps that make small differences that brings smile, manifests compassion, shows love and creates a change in the way things are done.

True heroes of this world are not famous, they are not strong or skilled warriors, they do not fight and save the world from monsters. Instead, they are changing the world by expressing untamed passion in all that they all do, and whichever it is that they touch, enhances the very life life it touches. Most of all, whatever happens, they do not give up. They do not stop dreaming, they do not stop hoping, they do not stop believing.

The real truth is that leaders are every day folks working their asses off,  trying harder each day to become better people and serve the world in the best way they can. No magic. 


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