what does freedom mean to you?

Heaven on earth is a choice that we must make. Not a place we must find.

authenticityMy past post was basically a call to action for each one of us, me and you, to exercise extraordinary leadership in our daily lives.

Most of us are not comfortable with owning our leadership because we have defined leadership as this mystique quality that is outside and beyond of ourselves. We have taken the title of “leader” and raised to be a quality that we will one day deserve. The unfortunate consequence of this is that we have come to overestimate the value of what we cannot do and underestimate the value of what it is that we can do.

I understand the challenge that it is, because embracing leadership means pushing to our limits, inspiring ourselves to rise and exercise substantial amounts of willpower to be extraordinary human beings. Leadership is living our authenticity that allows us to form  connection and inspire meaning.To be a great leader, you must first become an amazing human being.

It means facing the rejection of the crowd to experience the satisfaction in our hearts that is a result of manifesting our authenticity. It implies living on the edge as it is the only way to experience the pulsating, exciting bliss and happiness of our creative nature and our infinite power and possibilities.

Embracing leadership will demand that we understand the value of freedom. Half of knowing what you want is knowing what you must give up to get it. Authenticity is found by providing a personal answer to the following question.


Value is relative. It is the understanding of value that provides clarity to who we are. What you value is what you stand for. If you fail to stand up for something, you will fall for anything it was said. 

We inspire others to stand in their best light when they see us shining in the light of manifestation of our self-discovery. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking from our greatness so that others should not feel insecure around us.


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